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DIY Cake Topper

diy cake topper

DIY Rainbow Cake Topper

We love nothing more than a good little DIY project, so with that in mind we have created this super cute DIY cake topper. (Complete with heart shaped clouds!)  Just download the template and follow our step-by-step instructions and before you know it you too will be the proud owner of your own rainbow cake topper. Hope you have as much fun making it as we did!!
You will need:

ingredients for diy cake topper

  • Cake topper template (click here)
  • Selection of coloured felts (7 colours)
  • Selection of coloured threads.
  • Sewing needle
  • Cocktail sticks
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Wadding or cotton wool.
Making the Rainbow.

rainbow cake topper template

Start by tracing around the templates onto your chosen felt colours and carefully cut out. (You will need to trace & cut out each piece twice.)


diy cake topper

Layer the rainbow pieces on top of each other, from largest to smallest, gluing together as you go. As you layer make sure you can see approx 5mm of each colour along the outermost edge of the rainbow.


diy rainbow cake topper

Once both sides of the rainbow are glued and dry, turn them over so that they are face down. Glue two cocktail sticks to the bottom edge of one of the pieces, making sure you leave approx 3-4cm protruding from the bottom of the rainbow. (The protruding sticks will be used to insert the rainbow into your cake.)


making a rainbow cake topper

Cover the back of the second rainbow in glue.



Sandwich the two pieces together so that the rainbow is visible on both sides and the cocktail sticks are hidden inside the rainbow, with just 3-4cm protruding from the bottom.



Stitch along the bottom edges of the rainbow to secure the cocktail sticks tightly.



Decorate, as you desire! We have added a simple stitch along the outer and inner edges in a co-ordinating thread.

Making the Heart Clouds.

Start by tracing around the templates onto your felt and carefully cut out. (You will need to trace & cut out two pieces for each cloud you wish to make.)


Take two felt heart pieces of the same size. Place on top of each other ensuring the face of the felt is facing out and the back is facing in.



Starting from the point of the heart, stitch both pieces together by stitching along the edge. Stop approx 3cm from your starting point leaving a hole large enough to insert stuffing.



Stuff the heart with either wadding or cotton wool, making sure you carefully push the stuffing into all the edges.



Dip one end of a cocktail stick in glue. (Approx half way.) Insert into the heart, through the opening, so that the stick runs up through the centre of the heart and protrudes out through the bottom of the point by approx 3-4cm.



Continue stitching up the heart to close the opening for the stuffing. Add a couple of extra stitches around the base of the cocktail stick to secure it.


diy cake toppers felt hearts

Make as many clouds as you wish in different sizes. You can even embroider them with initials or make in bright colours to be used as individual cupcake toppers.


Arrange on your cake as you wish, gently inserting the cocktail sticks into the cake until the felt toppers rest on top of the cake and the cocktail sticks are hidden.

rainbow diy cake topper

diy rainbow cake topper

And there you have it your own beautiful DIY rainbow cake topper!!