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Rainbow Wedding Inspiration

There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding and one of the trickiest can be choosing a colour theme. (especially if you have fussy bridesmaids to cater for!!) Well we say why choose? Why not pick the lot and choose to have a bold and beautiful rainbow wedding!

As ever we have done the hard work for you and have pulled together some colourful wedding inspiration and some helpful tips, so you too can plan your own rainbow wedding. Enjoy!

Tips for a Colourful Wedding.

We think a rainbow wedding works best when it is kept casual and fun. Balloons and paper lanterns are a great way to add colour to your venue and we just love the simple but bold ribbon chandeliers. Our Sweetheart wedding invitations are a colourful treat and work perfectly with this theme. When it comes to choosing flowers the brighter the better, but keep the arrangements natural, as if you have just picked them yourself. Arranging your flowers in your own mismatched coloured bottles or containers helps to keep the look casual and keep your costs down! A colourful wedding cake is also a must have! We love both the 100’s and 1000’s cake as well as the rainbow sponge layered cake. Lets not forget the wedding party. Bridesmaids can of course be dressed in a range of bold coloured dresses but we are rather partial to the idea of dressing them in different pretty floral prints or keeping dresses neural and accessorising in a variety of colourful shades. As for Grooms men we love the fun colourful heart pin (in place of a boutonnière) and for a summer wedding, sunglasses in a range of sunny colours make the perfect finishing touch!


All images are courtesy of Pinterest and can be found on our Pinterest board.